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Simple Integration Guide

Do you have questions about implementing Azupay in your business? Click on each of the steps below to learn more.

Where we learn about your business and advise on the best solution path to launch Azupay solutions.
Onboarding timeline and projected go-live dates are confirmed.

In the Discovery phase, we work with you to:

Step 1 - Understand your business and vision. We will ask you: 

  • How can our services solve a specific problem for you?
  • In what scenarios are you planning to use our services? 

Our payments expertise can provide you advice on how to make real-time payments work for your business.

Step 2 - Learn how Azupay can assist your business to access New Payments Platform solutions.
For more information, click these links:

Step 3 - Confirm agreed Azupay solutions for your business and next steps including: 

  • Shared accountabilities 
  • A target date to go live 
  • Establishing a commitment to proceed.

Contract discussions begin. Upon your agreement to proceed, you will have access to Azupay’s support service desk. Assessment of your business becoming an Azupay Merchant starts.

In this stage, the following will need to be completed:

  • Review and accept Azupay's proposal for the provision of services (discussed in the Discovery stage)
  • Due diligence (DD) and Know Your Client (KYC) compliance checks
  • Review and accept Azupay's Master Services Agreement (MSA) 

You explore how Azupay operates within your tech and processes. Best UX and CX are reviewed. How to integrate Azupay solutions is decided. Azupay’s merchant onboarding resources are provided.

Step 1 - Design a payments experience that works for you. 

Step 2 - Start considering your Marketing plan:

Consider how best to reach your customers and target market?

  • Start your launch plan (action plan for socials, PR, marketing comms)

Step 3 - Helping your customers understand PayID and PayTo: 

  • Click here for our Merchant resources page (assets and collateral)
  • Content and messaging for PayID and PayTo 
  • Ensure your customers are using the right messaging and terms and conditions

Step 4 - Reviewing your payment UX: 

  • Submit your payer's payment journey experience here
    Please note: submissions can be in the form of screenshots, demo video (no more than 20MB) or request for demo meeting. You are unable to access a live account until UX is reviewed and approved.

If you want to know more about our resources or start your Marketing strategy, please email: 


In this stage testing is completed and all onboarding steps are finalised.  You are ready for production and launch of Azupay in your business 

Step 1 - Request access to our sandbox environment

Click the links to get started:

Step 2 - Complete our pre-production checklist 

We will verify with you that testing has been completed satisfactorily before providing access to our production environment. 

Click here to view checklist

You can also access the Developers guide for more information on getting started here 

Ready to Go Live? Request a Live Account here

A go-live date is locked in. Marketing and communications are agreed

Business Launch checklist 

  • Internal communications completed
  • Staff trained
  • Customer communication completed

If you would like to provide us feedback on your onboarding experience, please complete our Post Implementation Survey 

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